Upgrading my blog - again

Today I started moving my blog to Hugo. Both new and old blog posts will be migrated here as time lets.

I have adopted the template from GitHub

Please be gentle - I am learning ...

The old posts are in md format, so they could be used directly.

Now I can host without NodeJS, so I can disable that:

1pm2 unstartup

And remove NodeJS:

1sudo apt purge --autoremove nodejs npm

On my MBP I use brew to install Hugo:

1brew install go
2brew install hugo

Then I am ready to install the source of my blog:

 1➜  src hugo new site veloce.dk 
 2Congratulations! Your new Hugo site was created in /Users/jesper/src/veloce.dk.
 4Just a few more steps...
 61. Change the current directory to /Users/jesper/src/veloce.dk.
 72. Create or install a theme:
 8   - Create a new theme with the command "hugo new theme <THEMENAME>"
 9   - Install a theme from https://themes.gohugo.io/
103. Edit hugo.toml, setting the "theme" property to the theme name.
114. Create new content with the command "hugo new content <SECTIONNAME>/<FILENAME>.<FORMAT>".
125. Start the embedded web server with the command "hugo server --buildDrafts".
14See documentation at https://gohugo.io/.
15➜  src 

I am going to use Hugo Modules:

Use the instruction on the Theme page to install it as a module.

If you need to keep the modules up to date, use:

1hugo mod get -u ./...