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Netflix in Denmark


In Denmark one of the public TV channels (TV2) becomes commercial 11th of february. So either we could just stop seeing TV2, pay for seeing TV2, or find an alternative for all the movies and series...

I chose the last, and decided to get Netflix for the Apple TV. The problem here in Denmark is that there are no good online services for exactly that. I have heard about Netflix and wanted to try it on my ATV2.

There are solutions for bypassing the block that Netflix has: Unblock Us


  • Go to Unblock Us and create a 7 day trial account.
  • Follow their guide to set up you computer to use their DNS.
  • Go to Netflix and create an account.
  • If asked for an address use FakeUSAddress. If only asked for a US zip code, try to just add a zero before your danish one. Be aware there are small differences in tax in the different states. So chose a zip code from e.g. Florida :-)
  • After paying for Netflix with your danish credit card, you are up and running!

If you need to setup an Apple TV 2 then just follow the guide at UnblockUS for Apple TV.