Remember the permissions for .ssh

I had a weid experience. All of a sudden I wasn’t able to login on my NAS with ssh. I use PKI (RSA) for login and have disabled pure password login. A ssh -v revealed: debug1: Authentications that can continue: publickey 3 times. First I thought that the keys didn’t match – that was not it (I generated a new pair and installed them – same result). Then I remembered that sshd is really picky with the permissions on the

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Automounting AFS shares from the NAS

Instead of mounting shares manually every time at login, one can use autos. I have followed the guide here. So in my case I created a file /etc/fstab and inserted a file for the home directory on my server (local ip: /Users/jesper/tranquil/jesper url automounted,url==afp://jesper:PASSWORD@ 0 0 Then I created the directory locally on my laptop: /Users/jesper/tranquil/jesper And ran: sudo automount -vc And wupti I could cd into /Users/jesper/tranquil/jesper and the Mac mounted it and it worked just like any other

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