Netflix on the Apple TV :-)

Note the guide below does not need jailbraking your Apple TV!!! In Denmark one of the public TV channels (TV2) becomes commercial 11th of february. So either we could just stop seeing TV2, pay for seeing TV2, or find an alternative for all the movies and series… I chose the last, and decided to get Netflix for the Apple TV. The problem here in Denmark is that there are no good online services for exactly that. I have heard about

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Apple TV 2

Today I bought myself an Apple TV 2 (ATV2). Damn that thing is small! FIrst thing I did was to JailBreak it in order to get XBMC running on it. I used Seas0nPass from Firecore to do this. And fortunately it is very easy – they actually have an untethered jailbreak of the latest 4.4.4 (iOS 5.0.1 – 9A406a). In order to get XBMC running one just has to ssh to the ATV2 🙂 $ ssh root@<your ATV2 IP address>

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