Replacing Ford 6000CD RDS EON

The radio in our Ford Mondeo reported a strange code: RICP. This happened every time you tried to turn up the volume.

In the manuals this is described to be a mode the radio can be in, if there is a read panel for controlling the radio. Only – there is no such panel in our Mondeo 🙂

So after searching a lot and asking a lot of people, the conclusion is – the radio is broken. 🙁

I found a similar used one on ebay, and bought some “ISO CD stereo radio removal release keys”

Apple TV 2

Today I bought myself an Apple TV 2 (ATV2). Damn that thing is small!

First thing I did was to JailBreak it in order to get XBMC running on it. I used Seas0nPass from Firecore to do this. And fortunately it is very easy – they actually have an untethered jailbreak of the latest 4.4.4 (iOS 5.0.1 – 9A406a).

In order to get XBMC running one just has to ssh to the ATV2 🙂

$ ssh root@<your ATV2 IP address> (Use “alpine” as your password if you haven’t changed it already.)

$ echo “deb ./” > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/xbmc.list

$ apt-get update

$ apt-get install org.xbmc.xbmc-atv2


Remounting geli and ZFS partitions

As I did a clean install and not an upgrade of my FreeBSD 8.2 to 9.0, I have to reconfigure everything from scratch 🙂

I have 4 Western Digital disks with data – all in RAID-Z. And because they are Western Digital, they have 4K sectors and don’t work well with ZFS. So I also have encrypted them with geli – a standard trick.

I had a huge problem attaching the geli devices after reinstall.

The devices have changed names, and the geli attach will fail if using the “alias” device :-/

So if using e.g. ad6s1e as provider under 8.2, then attach will fail under 9.0 with:

geli: Provider ad6s1e is invalid

The /dev/ad6s1e is now an alias for /dev/ada0s1e (look in the dmesg).

So remember to keep this in mind when editing rc.conf and loader.conf. Also remember to copy

Netflix on the Apple TV :-)

In Denmark one of the public TV channels (TV2) becomes commercial 11th of february. So either we could just stop seeing TV2, pay for seeing TV2, or find an alternative for all the movies and series…

I chose the last, and decided to get Netflix for the Apple TV. The problem here in Denmark is that there are no good online services for exactly that. I have heard about Netflix and wanted to try it on my ATV2.

There are solutions for bypassing the block that Netflix has: Unblock Us


  • Go to Unblock Us and create a 7 day trial account.
  • Follow their guide to set up you computer to use their DNS.
  • Go to Netflix and create an account.
  • If asked for an address use FakeUSAddress. If only asked for a US zip code, try to just add a zero before your danish one. Be aware there are small differences in tax in the different states. So chose a zip code from e.g. Florida 🙂
  • After paying for Netflix with your danish credit card, you are up and running!
  • If you need to setup an Apple TV 2 then just follow the guide at UnblockUS for Apple TV.

Time to reinstall FreeBSD

Back in November 2009 I installed my NAS with the newest FreeBSD: 8.0. I made some choices about partitioning that I now want to redo.

My initial partitioning was

  • / had around 4.5 GB
  • /tmp had around 0.5 GB
  • /var had around 3 GB
  • /home had around 895 GB

And back then I actually decided that the 2 GB RAM in the server was enough, so I didn’t have a swap partition :-/

First – having no swap is bad when the server is very busy! And for home use there is no need to separate /tmp and /var from /. And last – the / partition was way too small. I was having trouble using ports all the time, and need to clean up very often…

So I found a new HD for the new boot disk. Luckily I had a WD Caviar Green 1TB  with 64 MB cache. Perfect!

I settled for the following partitioning

  • / has around 39 GB
  • /home has around 873 GB
  • And swap has 4 GB

FreeBSD 9.0 is released!

Finally – need to find time to upgrade my NAS

Some of the nice new features are

  • Updated version (28) of ZFS
  • High performance SSH
  • new installer bsdinstall

I especially look forward to the new version of ZFS – maybe I can get rid of geli which I installed because WD disks have 4k sectors and ZFS had terrible performance with that. So geli translated those 4k sectors into 512 bytes sectors.